About us

What We Do

Bundaberg Water is a local family based business that’s been operating since 2000 and based in Bargara since 2018. We provide the following services to satisfied customers throughout the Greater Bundaberg Region:

  • Potable drinking water cartage
  • Water filtration products and replacement water filter cartridges.
  • Cleaning of rainwater tanks.


Why we stand out:

Our availability: We start work at 6am and stay there until LATE all seven days of the week throughout the dry season.

Our water quality: Our water is of the highest quality available sourced from local council potable water filling points.

Our delivery range: Bundaberg Water provides bulk drinking water deliveries to Bundaberg and surrounding areas. Our water cartage covers all areas north of Bundaberg up to Agnes Water & Deepwater and south to Woodgate

Our hygiene standards: Our trucks are approved for food deliveries throughout Queensland, administered by the Bundaberg Regional Council and are always kept clean and tidy. (we hold Queensland Food License No. 23.2018.1305.1)

Our versatility: Our truck and dog trailer configuration allows us to comfortably access properties that are inaccessible to semi-trailers. If required we can leave the  dog trailer at a suitable location outside the property and transfer water from the dog to the truck and deliver 2 truckloads of 13,000L each.

Micro plastics in drinking water

Micro plastics in drinking water

Much has been said about the problem of single-use plastics polluting the planet. A bit less has been said about the extent to which those plastics are polluting our bodies too. A study by the University of Newcastle estimates that the average human consumes roughly...

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Tannin in Drinking Water

Tannin in Drinking Water

Cleaning rainwater tanks now that it is finally raining has brought about an increase of the issue of tannin in drinking water. We have been receiving calls and a lot go something like this; “Our water has gone brown and it smells” It looks a bit like the water in…

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