20″ x 4.5″ 5 micron Granular Activated Carbon Block

Quick Summary

  • Multiple Industries MUBC20KS
  • Economic carbon block solution.
  • Big Blue 20″ x 4.5″ style filters
  • 5 micron rating
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Overview

The Carbon Block filter is an excellent economic solution for problem water containing Chlorine, Organic Colour, Taste, Odour and limited Sediment. The filter is manufactured from powdered carbon compressed and moulded into a single block. This provides a solid structure which reduces cartridge collapse from pressure differential while in use.

The fine, external polypropylene wrap reduces sediment prior to the carbon which prevents premature fouling off the carbon. The radial flow design gives an even distribution of water over the entire filter surface reducing pressure drop and extending the cartridge life. Polypropylene end caps with compression gaskets are used to prevent by-pass. The filter fits most Big Blue 20” housings.

Features & Benefits

  • Price Competitive
  • Radial Flow Design
  • One piece Moulded Carbon Block
  • Excellent Filtering Performance
  • Individually Wrapped and Sealed


  • Domestic
  • Rural
  • Potable water
  • Commercial


  • Micron Rating (Nominal):              5
  • Length:                                          20”
  • Outside Diameter:                        4.5″
  • Temperature Ranges:                  4.4°C – 52°C
  • *Filter Capacity:                            @ 7.6 lpm 15,200 Lts

Do not use the filter for drinking water with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Filters are designed to fit most Big Blue (TM) type household and commercial or industrial housings. Performance claims are based on independent lab results and manufacturer’s internal test data. Actual results obtained will vary with various combinations of organic contaminants, changes in pH or other conditions encountered in actual use. All information presented here is based on data believed to be reliable. It is offered for evaluation and verification but is not to be considered a warranty of any kind. Flush new cartridges until water runs clear prior to use.

*Estimated capacity based on 2.0 mg/l free available chlorine, capacity will vary depending on raw water quality

Recommended cartridge change is 6-9 months from date of installation, or earlier if required, or at a maximum increased pressure differential of 69kPa (10psi), whichever occurs first.

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