Bench Top Filtration Matrikx CR1

Quick Summary

  • Single 10″ bench top filter with Matrikx CR1 cartridge Made in USA
  • NSF 42 Certified
  • Plug and play system
  • Chlorine taste and odour reduction
  • Cyst reduction; Giardia and Cryptosporidium*
  • 0.5 micron nominal filtration
  • Made in Taiwan
  • WaterMark certified


Stylish bench top water filter with its own faucet that connects to your existing kitchen tap spout.  No plumbing required.  Just screw on with the included connection fitting.

Product Overview

  • NSF 42 Certified
  • Stylish bench top filter with chrome faucet
  • 0.5 micron filter size
  • 37,000L capacity @ 9L /min.


  • For those situations where it isn’t possible to fit an under bench filter but you still want to enjoy water without that chlorine taste and smell.
  • Great for washing your salads and fruit providing cyst and chlorine free food.

Included in the kit

  • 10″ X 2.5″ bench top filter
  • Attached chrome faucet
  • 1/4″ connection tube
  • Kitchen tap spout connector
  • Matrikx CR1 filter cartridge


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