Water Deliveries


With Bundaberg Water you can access potable tank water deliveries, swimming pool fills and stock water.  We supply 13,000 litre loads locally around Bundaberg and 28,000 litre loads north along Rosedale Rd and up to Agnes Water and Deepwater, and south to Woodgate. 

The water we deliver to customers is of the highest quality available sourced from local council potable water filling stations. Our bulk water delivery truck is also carefully maintained and cleaned to meet exacting standards and is approved for food delivery throughout Queensland by Bundaberg Regional Council.

We reliably offer 13,000L single loads locally and full access deliveries up to 28,000L to residential, rural and commercial properties. Where semi-trailers may not easily be manoeuvred, our truck and dog trailer combination gives us the versatility to get the job done. By leaving the dog trailer outside the property in a suitable location we can transfer water from it to the truck successfully delivering two 13,000L truck loads.

Our truck is late model and fitted with a low emission Euro V diesel engine. 

Low Emission Truck

Delivery Range

other water services

Swimming Pool Fills

Our complete bulk water cartage service is perfect for swimming pool fills or top ups. We only source water for pool fills from the local council potable water fill points (as we would for drinking water). That means that when we fill your pool, you can feel confident that the water quality meets the highest standards for you and your loved ones’ usage.

After you’ve used our service for the first time, we can generally leave our delivery hoses in place to save time between loads. That means you can benefit from discounts over time for multiple loads.

Would you like to learn more about our multiple load discounts? Call today!

Livestock Water Deliveries

At Bundaberg Water we offer deliveries of potable water for livestock to our farming communities as needed. Based on your specific requirements, we can help you book adequate loads in advance to ensure that your supply is available to meet your needs as they arise.

Our invoices for primary producers are compliant with the Queensland Government’s Drought Transport Subsidy Scheme.

Potable Water Deliveries

The bulk deliveries of potable water from Bundaberg Water come from council approved water sources and are delivered in our carefully-cleaned truck which is maintained to Food Safety standards. Our reliable and high-quality service has earned us a loyal residential customer base and we can offer that quality of service to your home too.

If you’ve run low on water (or you’ve already run out), contact us for a clean, reliable water delivery service. We can also recommend a high-quality filtration system to further purify your household or business’ water supply.


How much does a load of water cost?
This all depends on where the water is to be delivered to (you will be asked this when you call to order your load). The price is based on the distance from the nearest water pick-up hydrant to the delivery address.
What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver all areas north of Bundaberg up to Agnes Water & Deepwater, and south to Woodgate.

Where does the water come from?

We source our water from Bundaberg Regional Council’s commercial town water hydrants.

These are situated at:

  • Cattermull Ave Kalkie.
  • North Bundaberg water tower.
  • University Drive, near the airport.
  • Bruce Hwy Gin Gin
  • Ernest St Childers
How much water do you deliver?

Our trucks hold 13,000 litres and our dog trailer holds 15,000 litres. So you can have up to 28,000 litres delivered in a single load.

Should I get 13,000 litres or 28,000 litres?
It’s always cheaper to get the larger load if you can afford it. The further out you are from the water filling hydrants the cheaper it gets. You will also need the capacity in your tanks for the water.

Tips when ordering

If you order a truck and trailer load, here are the questions you’ll need to answer so we can properly prepare:

  • Have you had a semi-trailer access your property?
  • Do you have a pipe culvert under your driveway when you come off the road?
  • Is there enough room to take a wide swing into your driveway?
  • Is there enough room to turn around in your property or do we have to back out?