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What do I need to filter our rainwater for the house?
In general, if you look after your tanks and have them cleaned every 3 to 5 years we recommend a twin 10” or 20” system with a 5 micron sediment filter and a United Filters Ultra-D carbon/disinfection filter. For a small house with a single bathroom and 2 people you can use the 10” system, otherwise the 20” system is best.
What do I need to get rid of the white spots on my dishes and shower screen?
Based on that description, you have what’s known as ‘hard water’. Those white spots are calcium and magnesium deposits. Our UV-Guard HWC Water Conditioners will solve this problem.
Do you charge for shipping?
Yes, we do. There’s no such thing as free shipping. It just means that someone just down the road is subsidising the shipping for someone on the other side of the country.
How can I take away the chlorine taste from our town water?
Our single under sink filter with a carbon filter will greatly reduce the taste and smell of chlorine.
What is NSF and WQA?
Briefly, they are both product certifying agencies based in the USA. If you purchase products with these accreditations you can be confident you are buying products that will perform as described. Be very careful purchasing products without these certifications. At the very least they should be sold in the original manufacturer’s packaging so you can check them out for yourself. 95% of our products are NSF and/or WQA certified.
Where are your products made?
90% of our products are made in the USA. The other 10% are from Thailand and Taiwan. We do not sell products made in China. This wasn’t a conscious decision; we just couldn’t find the standard of product we wanted to sell our clients. We advertise in our shop who manufactures our products and where they are made. Unfortunately, some Australian retailers buy cheap, inferior imported products, dress them up in flash packaging to make them look like they made them, and then sell them for exorbitant prices.