Water Treatment

Bundaberg Water is a full service water treatment specialist for the domestic and rural market.  We offer specification, supply and installation of the most advanced and cost effective water treatment solutions.

Being a full service provider we work with you to understand your water quality requirements and budget.  Both now, and for the long term.

Water Treatment Services

Bundaberg Water offers water treatment and filtration solutions for;

Water Treatment and Water Filtration Solutions

The water treatment solutions offered are many and varied.  Following is a list of most commonly identified water quality issues in our local area;

  • Acid (Low Ph)
  • Bacteria, cycts and viruses
  • Chemicals and Toxins
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  • Chlorine
  • Hardness
  • Iron and Manganese
  • Nitrate, Nitrite
  • Dam, Creek, Lake and Surface Water Systems
  • Salt
  • Sediment, Sand, Silt and Turbidity
  • Sulfur – Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Tannin

Water Testing

Once the water quality requirements have been identified we undertake a water test.  Bundaberg Water has invested heavily in equipment to test water to save time and unnecessary costs associated with laboratory testing.  We test 10 items but particularly we test for Ph, Conductivity (Salt), and Hardness.  It’s these three items, if present, that form the main costs of a water treatment process.  We can discuss with you on the spot what your options are.

Myron L Ultra III 9TK Titration Kit

Water Treatment and Water Filtration System Pricing

Once your treated water quality is identified, the raw water quality is confirmed and your budget understood we specify and quote a water treatment and filtration system.  This will include installation and commissioning.  This is where most online stores fall down.  They market to the most common denominator.  See more

Most of the equipment offered by online stores, in general sense is suitable.  It’s the quality of the product offered and water treatment process that needs to be tailored to each individual circumstance.  In most cases our products will be comparable in price to online stores.  The difference is we guarantee our treatment process will work.

Pentek Radial Flow Iron Reduction Cartridge

Water Treatment and Water Filtration System Process

In general your water treatment system will compose of some of the following;

  • Water Filter Housings
  • Sediment Filters
  • Carbon filters (Both coal or coconut depending on situation)
  • Deionisation (DI) Filters
  • Backwashing Filters
  • Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection.  (See our post What’s the Difference in UV Water Tubes)
  • Quantum Disinfection (Recent US released disinfection technology to compete with UV.  No tubes, no power no maintenance.  Clairify-12-brochure)
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Conditioners
  • Ph Neutralisers
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
  • Under Sink Systems

Replacement Filters and Spare Parts

Our stock levels are constantly added to to reflect the most commonly used consumables and spare parts. We hold a stock of sediment and carbon filter cartridges in the 20″x4.5″ and 10″x2.5″ Big Blue range.  We also have Coconut Carbon, Ultra-D and sediment filter cartridges for 10″x2.5″ under sink filter systems.

If you are sourcing spares including UV tubes and accessories we distribute the UV Guard range.  They have a very extensive compatible list of consumables and are highly competitive in their pricing.  They are excellent manufactures and usually deliver to us overnight.  Follow this link for an insight into their spare parts range.   However you will require our assistance to select the right part.

In the near term we will be looking at stocking fridge and dishwasher filters.

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