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We are all affected by toxic chemicals in the air and food that we consume. Water is the only way to flush out these toxins so it is important to make sure your water source is providing pure water. This is especially important for children because they are much more sensitive to contaminants because their defense systems have not fully developed. The purer the water is the greater its ability to purify and cleanse the body, so drink up!

At Bundaberg Water we aim to partner with you to provide the very best in healthy, safe potable drinking water for you and your family. With 32 years as licensed plumbers we know what to deliver to provide the very best.

Our Mission

To provide in a timely manner safe, quality potable water for domestic consumption.

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Our Vision

Provide a service that instills confidence of supply and cost efficiencies that generates repeat business…

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Our Values

Hygiene; Customer Focus; Communication; Safe Work Ethic;

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