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We’re Bundaberg Water, your one-stop service for all your safe potable water requirements. Our water cartage deliveries cover the greater Bundaberg region.  We supply 13,000 and 28,000 litre loads locally around the Bundaberg district, north along Rosedale Rd and up to Captains Creek and Deepwater.  Our 28,000 litre loads are supplied to Woodgate, Childers and Biggenden and west to Kalpowar and Mt Perry.  We also supply water filtration products ranging from under sink filters up to whole house filtration units and offer a local installation service. When it comes to water tank cleaning we de-sludge the sediment (including mud, rotting vegetation and animal droppings) from the bottom of your water tanks so you can be sure your water’s clean. We stake our reputation on that!

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Micro plastics in drinking water

Micro plastics in drinking water

Much has been said about the problem of single-use plastics polluting the planet. A bit less has been said about the extent to which those plastics are polluting our bodies too. A study by the University of Newcastle estimates that the average human consumes roughly...

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Tannin in Drinking Water

Tannin in Drinking Water

Cleaning rainwater tanks now that it is finally raining has brought about an increase of the issue of tannin in drinking water. We have been receiving calls and a lot go something like this; “Our water has gone brown and it smells” It looks a bit like the water in…

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