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Welcome to Bundaberg Water

Bundaberg Water is the Bundaberg regions premier service provider of potable bulk drinking water deliveries, supplier and installer of quality rain water filtration and disinfection systems, minimal water loss tank cleaning and water treatment services.

Bulk Water Deliveries

Bundaberg Water provides bulk water deliveries in single loads from 13,000L for the nearer Bundaberg region and up to 28,000L to outer Bunderberg, North Burnett and Discovery Coast Region.  With Food License, council approved trucks and fully insured you can be guaranteed of safe, healthy drinking water for you, your family or your workforce.

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Rain Water Filters and Disinfection Systems

We currently have filtration and UV disinfection components in stock and ready to  assemble.  These systems are designed, assembled and tested at our workshop in Bundaberg then installed at your premises.  We discuss with you at your home or office your desired outcome and your budget.  We then design a system that best suits your requirements.  As you will see on our Rain Water Filters page water treatment, even rain water, is not a one size fits all solution.

Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

All rain water tanks are susceptible to the collection of harmful bacteria, cysts and virus.  In our rural produce areas they may also be contaminated with pesticides and herbicides that have drifted from nearby farming areas.

The Australian Health Department recommends rain water tanks should be inspected and de-sludged every two to three years.

Bundaberg Water cleans water tanks when full or near empty with a process that uses minimal water.

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Water Treatment

Surface water including dams, creeks, rivers or lakes and bore water can be a very practical use for rain water tank supplementation.  An alternate source of clean healthy drinking water in times of dry weather can also reduce the stress associated with running low on water.  If you have an alternate raw water source talk to our expert on the different ways you can setup a very cost effective insurance against running out of water.

Bundaberg Water has the ability to test your bore water on site for minerals including iron, conductivity (salt), hardness and other properties and have a discussion on the best water treatment alternatives.

Bundaberg Water

Call today to book your Bundaberg and district bulk water delivery, or to talk to our team for the best rainwater filtration and sterilisation solutions for the Bundaberg and North Burnett regions!