At Bundaberg Water we supply bulk drinking water deliveries, swimming pool fills, turf watering and dust suppression.

We hold a Queensland Food License No. 23.2018.1305.1.  Our truck is kept clean and tidy and is approved for food delivery by Bundaberg Regional Council and we are fully insured.

Drinking Water Deliveries
Water Tank Fill
Drinking Water Deliveries
Underground Tank Fill

Bulk Drinking Water Deliveries

Bundaberg Water provides bulk drinking water deliveries to Bundaberg and surrounding areas.  Our water cartage area covers from Coonar to the Gregory River in the south, Town of 1770 in the north and west to McIlwraith, Abbotsford and Waterloo.

We go out of our way to ensure our water is the highest quality available sourced from local council potable water filling points.  We provide bulk water deliveries to homes, businesses, and commercial premises.  If you are completely out of water call now 0400 416 671.  We will endeavour to re-arrange our work to prioritise your water delivery.

We deliver quantities up to 13,000L in a single load

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Chlorine is always a taste issue when changing from rainwater to town water.  To assist in the reduction of chlorine we use a high pressure dissipator on the end of our water delivery hose.  This aerates the water by spraying the water into the tank helping to reduce the chlorine taste.  Click here to see other was to dechlorinate water.

When supplying drinking water deliveries to a near or empty tank the sediment on the bottom of the tank can be stirred up and mixed with the water.  It can take some time for this sediment to settle back to the bottom of the tank.  Bundaberg Water uses a dissipator on the end of its delivery hose that sprays the water at 90 degrees and not directly into the bottom of the tank.

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Swimming Pool Fills
Swimming Pool Fills

Swimming Pool Fills

Bundaberg Water provides complete bulk water cartage for swimming pool fills or top ups as required.  Once we have gained access to your property we can generally leave our delivery hoses in place saving on time between loads.  This cost saving is passed on in multiple load discounts.

Water for pool fills is sourced as per drinking water, from the local council potable water fill points.  This ensures the water in your pool is of first class quality for the enjoyment and safety of your family and friends.

Call us now to discuss your swimming pool fill discount for multiple loads.

Turf Watering
Turf Watering

Turf Watering

Bundaberg Water has previously been engaged by landscape companies to provide turf maintenance after laying.  We specifically understand the requirements of supplying ample watering during the first 10 days after placement.

We also provide watering of playing fields and areas requiring an aesthetic appearance prior to events and refurbishment after events have taken place.

Dust Suppression
Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression and General Civil Works

Our operators have extensive civil construction knowledge and experience including a full appreciation for the requirement of safe work practices.  Our truck has flashing lights for undertaking work on public roads.

Dust suppression and civil works can only be undertaken using potable water.

Why You Should Choose Bundaberg Water

  • Approved to AS2070 Standard
  • Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 compliant
  • Food licence number: 23.2018.1305.1

Bundaberg Water has a dedicated residential customer base that has been using our water delivery services because of our reliability and record of delivering water of the highest standard. Our truck is always clean and presentable to provide you with the confidence you a receiving a high quality product for you and your family.

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality of service to all our customers.

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